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Memory Care

Memory care facilities are specialized living communities designed to provide comprehensive care for people with memory disorders like Alzheimer's and dementia. These specialized environments are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those living with these conditions. Memory care communities provide a safe and secure environment that is designed to protect residents while providing compassionate support and quality care services. At The Residency at Ridgewood, we understand the unique needs of those with memory impairment and have created a warm and nurturing environment tailored to meet those needs. Our staff is experienced in caring for memory-impaired individuals and provides personalized attention to each individual resident. Our nursing staff has been trained on best practices for dementia care, and our highly qualified team of caregivers is committed to providing exceptional service to our residents.

At The Residency at Ridgewood, we not only strive to meet the physical needs of our residents but their emotional needs as well. We provide opportunities for self-expression through social activities, wellness classes, and other great community-based activities.  All of this helps create a sense of community which helps foster an atmosphere where all feel welcome and accepted regardless of their condition. We also heavily emphasize habit-building to reduce the stress and anxiety of changing schedules. We also strive to make our environment a place where residents can live as independently as possible while receiving compassionately informed support from our professional caregivers. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages dignity and respect while empowering each resident through meaningful engagement opportunities tailored specifically to them—allowing them to remain engaged in life despite any cognitive decline they may experience.


The Residency at Ridgewood recognizes the importance of providing personalized and meaningful experiences for its residents, and thus, has embraced the Montessori philosophy as a cornerstone of its care strategy.

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, the Montessori method is renowned for its emphasis on independence, individuality, and self-directed learning. While initially designed for children, its principles have been successfully adapted for use with seniors, particularly those facing memory challenges. By focusing on the individual's remaining abilities rather than their limitations, Montessori-based activities empower seniors to maintain a sense of purpose, dignity, and fulfillment.
At The Residency at Ridgewood, Montessori principles are integrated into every aspect of care, from daily routines to recreational activities. Rather than imposing rigid schedules or rote tasks, residents are encouraged to engage in activities that resonate with their interests, preferences, and past experiences. Whether it's gardening, art, music, or simple household tasks, each activity is thoughtfully curated to promote cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and a sense of accomplishment.

One of the key advantages of Montessori-based care in memory settings is its focus on creating environments that support independence and decision-making. By organizing living spaces in a manner that encourages autonomy and familiarity, residents are empowered to navigate their surroundings with confidence and agency. Additionally, the owner and management staff at The Residency at Ridgewood have had specialized training to facilitate meaningful engagement and communication with residents, fostering a sense of connection and belonging. This training will extend to the care partners to engage with our senior adults in a person-centered care environment.

Furthermore, research has shown that Montessori-based interventions can yield positive outcomes for individuals living with dementia, including improved cognitive function, reduced agitation, and enhanced quality of life. By tapping into each resident's unique abilities and preferences, The Residency at Ridgewood aims to create an environment where seniors can thrive, despite the challenges posed by memory loss.

In summary, the adoption of Montessori principles in memory care settings represents a progressive and person-centered approach to eldercare. By prioritizing individuality, empowerment, and meaningful engagement, The Residency at Ridgewood is committed to enhancing the well-being and vitality of its senior residents, ensuring that they continue to lead fulfilling lives, regardless of cognitive limitations.

About Our Memory Care Cottages

Our memory care Cottages are specially designed to offer a spacious floor plan with amenities catered to those who need memory care. Featuring a 318 square foot floor plan, each memory care cottage will come with one bedroom and one bathroom, similar to our assisted living Chalet rooms, without the kitchenette. Due to the nature of many memory loss diseases, kitchenettes are not offered in our memory care cottages; however, our staff will provide our residents with nutritious meals throughout the day.

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318 sqft • Memory Care

Each Majestic Suite will feature individual showers equipped with washcloths and towels. Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette including a small refrigerator. Entertainment is at your fingertips with a 50" TV offering cable and internet access. 

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